AAAI Classic Books

Classic Books in AI

AAAI is pleased to offer this resource of what we hope will become a permanent electronic archive of out-of-print classic books in AI. We are actively soliciting books to be included in this archive. To be considered, the following criteria must exist:

  • The book must be declared out of print by the publisher
  • The original publisher must have signed over copyright back to the original author or editor(s)
  • The editor(s) or author(s) must provide AAAI with a clean copy of the book (which they will not get back)
  • The AAAI permission to distribute form must be signed (this does not prevent publication elsewhere — it simply affirms that AAAI has been given the nonexclusive right to distribute the work in all forms
  • The AAAI Publications Chair must approve the selection of the book

For further information or to submit a candidate for this archive, please contact AAAI.

Rule-Based Expert Systems: The MYCIN Experiments of the Stanford Heuristic Programming Project
Edited by Bruce G. Buchanan and Edward H. Shortliffe

Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology
Edited by Lawrence Hunter

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